Act Now: Maximise Your Tax Allowances Before the 5th April Deadline

As the tax year end approaches, ensuring you’ve maximised your allowances can significantly impact your financial health. With the deadline on 5th April looming, it’s crucial to act now. This guide will walk you through essential steps to take advantage of your tax allowances and secure your financial future.

Why Maximising Your Tax Allowances is Crucial

Maximising your tax allowances isn’t just about reducing your tax bill—it’s about making the most of the opportunities to grow your wealth. Utilizing allowances for ISAs, pensions, capital gains tax, and dividends can lead to significant financial benefits. From lowering your taxable income to sheltering investments from taxes, the potential savings are considerable.

How to Maximise Your Tax Allowances

ISA Allowances

The annual ISA allowance offers a fantastic opportunity to save or invest money without paying tax on the returns. By maximizing this allowance, you can significantly enhance your savings over time. Here’s how to make the most of it before the deadline.

Pension Contributions

Pension contributions are not only a way to save for retirement but also a means to gain tax relief. Understanding the annual limits and how you can make the most out of your contributions is crucial for maximizing your pension pot.

Capital Gains Tax

The CGT allowance allows you to realize gains on your investments up to a certain limit without paying tax. We’ll explore strategies for calculating potential liabilities and tips for minimizing your CGT.


Dividends provide an income from investments, and understanding the allowance and tax rates for different bands can help you plan your investment strategy effectively. Learn how to utilize this allowance to your advantage.

Tax Year-End Checklist

This checklist ensures you’ve considered all allowances and actions before the tax year ends. From ISA contributions to pension planning, make sure you’re not missing out on any opportunities.

Act Now

The importance of acting before the deadline cannot be overstated. Waiting until the last minute can lead to missed opportunities and unnecessary stress.


Maximising your tax allowances before the 5th April deadline is crucial for anyone looking to improve their financial situation. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure you’re taking full advantage of the tax benefits available to you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to optimise your financial situation. Contact us for personalised advice and start planning for the tax year end today.


How can I maximise my ISA allowance? To maximise your ISA allowance, ensure you contribute up to the maximum limit before the 5th April deadline. Consider a mix of cash ISAs and stocks & shares ISAs to diversify. If you’re unable to use your full allowance in one year, remember that you can’t carry it over, so plan your contributions wisely.

What is the annual limit for pension contributions? The annual limit for pension contributions is generally £60,000 or 100% of your earnings, whichever is lower. However, this can vary if you have already started drawing a pension or have a high income. It’s important to make contributions before the end of the tax year to take advantage of tax relief at your highest rate.

How can I reduce my capital gains tax? To reduce your capital gains tax, you can use your annual exempt amount, currently £6,000, to realise gains tax-free. Consider spreading significant disposals over multiple tax years to maximise this allowance. Holding assets in an ISA or pension can also shield them from CGT.

How do dividend taxes work? Dividends within your allowance of £500 are tax-free or 0% if your total income is under your personal allowance. Above this, the rate depends on your income tax band: 8.75% for basic rate, 33.75% for higher rate, and 39.35% for additional rate taxpayers. Investing through an ISA can also shield dividends from tax.

Why is it important to act before the 5th April deadline? Acting before the 5th April deadline is crucial because many tax allowances and reliefs reset at the start of the new tax year. Utilising your allowances before the deadline ensures you don’t miss out on the opportunity to reduce your tax bill and maximise your savings and investments for the year.

Where can I find more financial planning resources? For more financial planning resources, consider visiting reputable financial news sites, government websites like HMRC, or consult with a financial advisor with us at Think Kudos for a personalised advice. Online platforms and forums can also be a good source of information, but ensure the advice is reliable and up to date.

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